Promote your work or activities with your own website.

Getting Started

Some options for setting up your website:

  • You can purchase through Odysen, we’re a GoDaddy affiliate.

  • Or, transfer a website you’ve already purchased to be managed from Odysen.

  • Customize the website style, header and footer from one place.

Create and Edit Web Pages

The different types of content you can add with each page:

  • The overview information including the page title, URL, description, tags, and CSS if applicable.

  • Add page content including text, images, audio, video, and various editing features.

  • Option to edit the HTML for additional customizations.

And More

Some extra features you get with using Odysen to manage your website:

  • Add collaborators to help with adding or editing content.

  • Include iFrames and other code from your freelancing partners, such as for your product promotions.

  • Organize and sort pages or media files by their name, date created, and date edited.

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