Use private networks to share your projects with others.

Adding New Networks

Create a network for a new project or collaboration.

  • Networks: Add unlimited networks, organize them in different categories.

  • Folders: Add folders to organize content, such as for each project.

  • Contacts: Easily share networks with others by their email.

Adding Content for Your Activities

Include a variety of content appropriate for your activities.

  • Actions: Use for projects, include their priority, status, and due date.

  • Events: Schedule upcoming activities, include email alerts.

  • Notes: Add for miscellaneous content, such as instructions or a list.

  • Polls: Get consensus with others in your network.

  • Documents: Share word docs, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, and text files.

  • Images: For photos or graphics.

  • Audio: Musicians can use for sharing initial recordings.

  • Video: Share and get feedback for videos being worked on.

  • News: Add news RSS feeds from blogs or industry websites.

  • Websites: Store useful websites in a central place.

Sharing and Getting Feedback

Options when sharing your networks with others:

  • Email Notifications: Let others know of new content with a simple email notification.

  • Comments: Others can add comments for feedback.

  • Newsletters: Automatically get informed by email of new content shared with you.

  • Updates: See new content from all your networks in a centralized place.

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