Welcome to Odysen, here's a little more information about us and background.

Who we are:

A group of freelancers who wanted an easy way to manage a website to promote and share our own freelancing activities as well as for our friends and family.

What we do:

Website hosting and private networks.

Who it’s for:

Creative freelancers and independent groups. Our solutions are designed with the individual in mind and what’s needed to help move their work forward.

How it’s used:

Centralize and promote your work with your own website, easy to create and manage pages. Use private networks for storing and sharing new work that you’re getting involved with, getting feedback from others before releasing.

Why it’s needed:

Freelancers often juggle a few activities, which can be complimentary but are still different. For website hosting, Odysen provides a solution that can integrate the needs of a musician, writer, or other roles that one gets involved with. Likewise with networks, freelancers can create a different network for each project they’re collaborating with others on. Combined, freelancers can easily share their work in one place from start to finish, at appropriate prices for the budget of a freelancer.

More info and background:

We’re freelancers ourselves and after spending enough time working through some of these bottlenecks, we’re providing tools to help fill some of the gaps. We hope you find them useful and feel free to share your comments or feedback.


If you have any question or concerns please contact us.


5758 Geary Blvd, #319
San Francisco, CA 94121