Helping freelancers promote and share their work.

Website Hosting

Solutions for integrating different types of freelancing.

  • Add a website from Odysen or transfer an existing one.

  • Create and manage unlimited pages.

  • Add others to collaborate and edit your website.

Private Networks

Share new work or projects on your own networks.

  • Add unlimited networks and organize by category.

  • Organize content within a network in simple to use folders.

  • Share actions, notes, events, polls, documents, images, audio, video, news RSS sources, and websites.

Who it’s for:

Individuals who own or want to own their own website to promote and share their work..

  • Musicians: Add pages for albums, songs, include downloading and streaming links, share new recordings on private networks.

  • Painter and Photographers: Add pages for each image, including a collection page with previews.

  • Writers: Add pages for each book, with additional pages for book content or a collection of books, share drafts on private networks.

  • Others such as for hobbies, groups, and small businesses: For independently managing your own website and networks with your evening and weekend activities.